More about the British Association of Hypnotherapy


The British Association of Hypnotherapy or as we and our members like to call it for short "The BAHYP" was  founded in 2010 by BBC TV Consultant hypnotherapist Sean Casey-Poole who shortly afterwards asked fellow experienced hypnotherapist and former registered General nurse (RGN) David P Eaves to join as President.

We have become so successful since then that Lech Dębski from the Instytut Neurolingwistyki Poland asked us to recognise his courses as BAHYP standard which after close examination we were happy to do. The last course alone gave us 43 new members from Poland who all received their certificate including gold embossed British Association Of Hypnotherapy seal.

Not only was it formed for the reasons in the "About Us" section on our home page but because Sean recognised that there wasn't a recognised regularity Hypnotherapy body in Britain that had a actual physical address or base that members, clients or even members of the public could actually visit and discuss any issues or concerns they may have. We believe this still to be the case today.

Our address is also the only dedicated hypnotherapy centre in Coventry.

Sean also wanted to let people know the names behind the organisation to make it more personal.

We still find it hard to believe that people would send money to some organisations via a PO Box address.

We are working very hard behind the scenes talking to MP's to get Hypnotherapy regulated in Britain,this is proving a long hard task but we will not give up.

We hold monthly meetings whenever possible at our Head Office but we are also happy to hold them locally to members.